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bit summit was created by developers to connect with other developers. Its mission is to create a place to exchange knowledge through open discussion, workshops, technical sessions, and networking. And there’s no better place to do this than Hamburg.

As a leading start-up and tech hub, Hamburg goes beyond logistics and shipping. Scattered throughout the entire city are countless tech experts and start-ups missing a conference that is able to dig deep into complex technology topics.

The last bit summit 3.0 edition
explored the seamless incorporation of machine learning and data science into our everyday lives, highlighting the strides data scientists are making in enhancing their models through A/B testing for cutting-edge results. 
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Speakers From the Last Event
Meet the tech minds speaking at our previous event, learn from their experience, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations in the tech world.
Kamran Esmaeili-Wiegandt
Benjamin Elbers
Alessandro Romano
Senior Data Scientist at Kuehne+Nagel
6:30 pm
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7:00 pm
Real-Time Bidder Algorithm Empowered by Machine Learning and Stream Processing
Kamran Esmaeili-Wiedgandt | BI & Data Science Lead at adjoe
Dive into the world of smart bidding for mobile game advertising: leveraging machine learning for customer segmentation and Flink stream processing to maximize auction win rates whilst maintaining profitability.
7:25 pm
Encouragement Designs for A/B Testing
Benjamin Elbers | Data Scientist at Spotify
Understanding the impact of product features, especially when traditional A/B testing isn't feasible (e.g., with fully rolled-out features), can be addressed through encouragement designs. These designs use instrumental variables to estimate treatment effects. We'll delve into three experiment types, emphasize the critical role of assumptions, and discuss the nuances in interpreting encouragement design estimates versus standard A/B tests. Effective encouragement designs rely on well-chosen instruments and a sizable sample size for reliable results.
7:50 pm
Digital Experimentation: From Classical Testing to Causal Inference
Alessandro Romano | Senior Data Scientist at Kuehne+Nagel
 In this talk, I'll explore the evolution of digital experimentation methods, emphasizing the transition from traditional A/B testing approaches to advanced causal inference techniques. I'll show how these methodologies can uncover deeper insights and drive more informed decision-making in digital environments. Additionally, the talk will address the challenges and opportunities in implementing causal inference with a small use case.
8:15 pm
Dinner and Discussions
Enjoy great food from one of Hamburg’s best restaurants with us while connecting with other tech minds.
SchanzenKino 73 | Schulterblatt 73/2. OG, 20357 Hamburg

Join us in Hamburg, where innovation flows seamlessly. Like the container ships that dock at Hamburg’s port, you’ll leave with new strategies to ship your applications to the cloud.
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